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Gathering Like-Minded & CURIOUS Women

Shaped by our experiences and opinions, these gatherings highlight and welcome compelling conversation with innovative women who share a universal vision to cultivate their talents, and simultaneously motivate others on their journey of self-expression. Moments rooted in style, purpose, and authenticity, while collectively engaging on a common platform.

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Each event is curated specifically for the host city audience and the brand/founders featured. It’s a panel conversation, social outing and shopping pop-up all in one. Occasionally we like to throw in a few surprises! The common thread - inclusively engaging and inspiring women from different backgrounds to connect over fashion-forward thinking, self-care and personal growth.


Sarah Flint

Vol. 4 in Saint Louis, MO

On Nov. 8-9, Sarah Flint will be joining us for the first time in Saint Louis with their functional, artisanal quality, and comfortable footwear collection.

Sarah Flint launched her eponymous footwear collection in 2013 at the age of 25. The company was born out of Sarah's frustration that women had to choose between feeling good in their shoes and looking great in them. Sarah will share her insights on Nov. 8 in conversation at SALON x LKS. Manufacturing in the world’s best factories outside of Milan, Italy, Sarah Flint sells its shoes direct-to-consumer, offering customers the best possible price-to-value ratio in the market.

A favorite and regularly worn by Meghan Markle, Karlie Kloss, Lady Gaga, Amal Clooney, and Cindy Crawford.

NOVEMBER 8-9, 2019


Praise for Salon x LKS

“We didn’t have a direct link in St. Louis or anyone I could have reached out to bring the
collection there. Laura lived in New York City. She understands New York fashion, and how
our business is set up. It’s perfect.”

-Valerie Macaulay, Co-Founder of La Ligne


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